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Application Checklist

Mortgage Application Checklist

[Click HERE to apply online]

Following is a list of standard documentation required for mortgage application.  Not all items on this list are applicable to all borrowers.  If you have trouble with any of the requested documentation, please call or email to discuss possible alternatives.  Unless otherwise noted, copies are sufficient and can be faxed or scanned and emailed.


  • Current Mortgage(s) and/or Home Equity Loan(s)
    • Copy of HUD-1 Settlement Statement
    • Copy of recent statement or payment coupon
    • Copy of Mortgage “Note”
  • Declaration Page of Home Owners Insurance Policy or Agents name and phone number.
  • Copy of the Owners Title Insurance Policy – optional but may reduce costs at closing
    (will be with your documents from the PURCHASE of your home)


  • Legible copy of the RATIFIED (signed) Contract of Sale
    (If property was listed with an agent, include a copy of the Listing)
  • Homeowners Insurance agent Name and Phone Number
    (we will need a binder and paid receipt from your insurance agent at least 1 week prior to closing)


  • W-2’s for all borrowers from all employers of the last two years.
  • Most recent pay stub(s) for current jobs, which cover thirty consecutive days.
  • Two most recent years SIGNED personal FEDERAL tax returns
    (COMPLETE returns with all schedules, W2s, 1099s attached).
  • Two most recent years SIGNED corporate FEDERAL tax returns
    (COMPLETE returns with all schedules and attachments).
  • Year to date business financials (Income Statement and Balance Sheet) signed by you or your accountant.
  • Social Security and/or Pension or other benefit award letters (if used to qualify).
  • Copy of employment contract or signed offer letter from prospective employer (if applicable)
  • Copy of rental property lease (if applicable).

ASSET DOCUMENTATION [complete – all pages]:

  • Statements covering most recent two months for all disclosed accounts (checking, savings, CD’s etc).
  • Stocks, Bonds, or Mutual Funds Information – latest statement from broker or account manager
  • Current statement for any Retirement account (i.e. IRA, 401K, Thrift, TSP, Keogh)
    ** note – internet printouts must be in statement form (not screenshots of account activity).


  • US Patriot Act:
    • Copy of Drivers License AND
    • Copy of Social Security Card or W2 for all borrowers
  • Child Support [pay or receive]:
    • ages of children
    • documentation of amount paid or received
  • Alimony [pay or receive]
    • copy of separation agreement / divorce decree
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