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No More Robocalls?

More than 1 million complaints in 2013

Since 2009 automated telemarketing calls also knows as robocalls have been illegal in the US except for charities, political organizations, schools, and medical professionals.  Last year alone the FTC received more than 1 million complaints but many times these calls originate overseas and are beyond the reach of federal regulators.

FTC challenge yields solutions

In April of 2013 the FTC announced its Robocall Challenge winners.  Two tied for the top spot and shared the $50,000 prize.  One of the winners, Nomorobo is already on the market… and it is completely free. At this time not all carriers support the “simultaneous ring” technology Nomorobo uses. I was able to sign up using my Verizon FIOS lines in just a few minutes.

To see if you are eligible visit NOMOROBO.com.



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